Meet Nicole

Thank you so much for stopping by Her Brave Taste!  I started this blog to share & connect with others a Brave Girl Lifestyle.  In my life, I have overcome obstacles & experienced things that have formed me into the brave woman I am today.  I studied Textiles & Apparel: Retail Merchandising at The University of TX in Austin, & I loved this special city so much I stayed.  Life is hard, & bravery is not easy (I know you ladies feel me).  But if we celebrate who we are authentically & genuinely, create what we want (who cares what others think?), support each other through it all & just go for it….THAT my friends is Brave Taste.  I have loved clothing & accessories ever since I can remember.  I have been determined to create more with it.  To speak your mind with what you lay on your body is pretty amazing.  So much can be translated, whether it’s bold or subtle, happy or sad, quirky or simple.  It’s creating art, & can make others feel emotions just like a song, film or painting.  How cool is that?  To be Brave with that is truth, honesty, & sincerity.

I hope to evolve with Her Brave Taste & connect with you all beyond a blog post.  I also hope to share not only my favorite outfit looks, brands & accessories, but a Brave Girl Lifestyle that means much more.

xo. Nicole