Wear Your Zodiac Sign on Your Sleeve

Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee?  I swear I collect them like crazy.  Say what you want without saying a word, right?  Plus, they’re definitely good conversation starters.  I’m that sucker for a good band tee, any T-shirt with the word “coffee” on it, and embroidery is all the rage.  Everyone from Forever21 to Rag & Bone has killer graphic T-shirts for all.  But my absolute favorite brand to get the best graphic tees to mix & match into my wardrobe is J.Crew.  From the colors to the cuts to the graphics, they are always on point & eye-catching in an effortless, clever way.  I’m always super inspired when I see their catalog of models wearing the graphic T-shirts with distressed denim, underneath a cool blazer, or even with a flowy skirt.  Style one up but keep it cool like I did here with a (fake) leather skirt & zippers, or keep it super casual any way you like.

When the horoscope T-shirt collection came out, I made sure I got this one – the Taurus (yes it’s my sign).  I definitely wanted to get other signs because, well, they’re adorable and no one would know…but long sleeves!   It’s the perfect back to school, into Fall T-shirt.  It’s got serious character & cuteness (as a graphic Tee should) with an embroidered bull & “no bull” on the back.

You don’t want to miss your sign (they’re currently 30% off) so I rounded them all up for you just below – plus others that need no words.  Scroll through & check em’ out.

So…what’s your sign?

Photos by Colin Ortega


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